Slnnews-Somaliland Government Officially Speak of the published by News in local media indicating an agreement signed between the governments of Somaliland and Somalia.

Ahmed saleban dhuxul the Presidential Spokesman

Ahmed saleban dhuxul the Presidential Spokesman

The Government Spokesman Ahmed saleban dhuhul stated that the news on the agreement was false and fabricated, since some local journalists attributed to leaks made by wiki-leaks.Mr. Dhuhul Speaks to The Media In Presidential Palace Mr. he said

“Somaliland Government Not linked to that Fake Ducmentry Publish on Wikileaks , As You known Somaliland Talks With Somalia Government Only the government of Somaliland will Stand on Back their Recognize will Loss unions in 1960 , every thing Relates on the talks The government of Somaliland Not Hidden and Will Present for The international community To their Seeking Of International Recognition , this Statement Totally Was a Fake Source.” Said mr. dhuhul

Its Also the Presidential Spokesman Hon:Ahmed saleban Dhuhul Sent Message to The Opposition Leaders Of somaliland Mr. Dhuhul He Said.

“The chairman of ucid , Faysal ali warabe,the candidate of Ucid Party Jamal ali hussein and The chairman of wadani Abdirahman Ciro And All they Known and The People of somaliland Recognized For the NationS Developed man And hero of the Nation Of Somaliland Who Left his Time and Still Will Stand The Nations Success That Man He is Ahmed Mahamed Mahamed Mahamoud Silanyo The History was Recognized The Veteran Of the Nation, That Man Famously to That Sides Not Hope for Anti of the Nation, Only We Hope him To developed of the Nation ,Iwill Say My Freinds of Opposition Parties The History Recognized Before Not Now And the People of Somaliland knows Him , You will made of Agenda this is not Political Agenda And People’s Access and also Not Reachs to the President Seat.”Said Ahmed Saleban dhuhul The Presidential Spokesman.
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