Somaliland:Voter Registration Breifing Paper: 6 Sool and Buuhoodle Voter Registration Preliminary Findings

Slnnews-(Summary): The voter registration of the upcoming March 2017 presidential and House of Representatives elections has peacefully started in Sool region and Buuhoodle district on 23rd August 2016.Sool VOTER REGISTRATION

Voter registration has been successfully completed five regions of Togdheer, Awdal, Saaxil, Maroodi- Jeex and Sanaag and Sool region is going to be the last region that its people are registering in order to participate Presidential and House of Representatives elections in Somaliland.

A team from SONSAF in collaboration with Somaliland Civil Society Election Forum (SCISEF) has reached Sool region a week before the commencement of the voter registration and trained domestic observers for Sool region, which SONSAF deployed 75 out of 175 voter registration centers to attend and report how voter registration process is taking place in Sool region and Buuhoodle district.

While the first the phase of voter registration finalized on Wednesday 31st August 2016, the preliminary reports from domestic observers stated that; in general voter registration has ended peacefully in Sool region and Buuhoodle district, so far no security incident reported except one minor incident happened voter registration center under the Xudun district.

Domestic observers reported that the eligible voters of Sool region widely participated voter registration, while all planned voter registration centers in the region performed their work effectively.

It is assumed that, the process is linked to the peace conferences between the communities in the area and the Somaliland Government, in particular, Awr boogays, Adhi cadeeye and also the appointment of the Minister of Interior Mr. Yaasiin Xaaji Maxamuud “Faratoon”, took a great role that majority of the people 2 inhabitant in the region supported voter registration, assuming that the appointment of the Minister of Interior showed that the people in Sool region had their representation of the Government, and the Minister himself made campaign to convince the people to register.

The Minister travelled too many locations of the region and as confirmed by domestic observers, this initiative influenced that a lot of people showed up for the registration.

In the meantime, the domestic observers reported that there were a lot of technical implications which many times constrained the process of the registration, on the other hand, as other regions experienced the voter education was not neither coherent nor substaintial.

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