Letter to Mr. Silanyo: Famine Economic Emergency Plan

This letter will consider important aspect which is; Short run wealth distribution and delivering justice to all. .Mr President without justice, nothing will flourish in this land, and current wealth distribution system is heading into dangerous and uncharted water.Somaliland:Failure of Deyr rains result in major rain deficits, severe drought

The great population of Somaliland are becoming scroungers and beggars, and Minsters are already masters of the land. Mr President re-visit your conscious, re-evaluate your recollections following your visit to the eastern region and subsequently formulate your Economic Grand Plan, absolutely no advisors required on this other than your will and determination as President to end the suffering, and starvation in Eastern region of Somaliland. Siilaanyo make your move and save the people urgently. Economic and Wealth distribution Front: Without statistical row data, it’s always difficult to judge any policy outcome. However, Somaliland is far away from this step.

That said, some tangible progress is made on this this front. Indeed as president of this country you are well aware that recently there has been drought, famine and starvation in majority of the republic. In particular, there famine hit hard in the eastern region. You also have visited the region as fact finding, and have clear views about the level of emergency support required out there.

More importantly, your Minister of finance Honourable Mrs Samsam has put forward to country annual budget which was estimated to be around $362.518 Million. We know this is not a lot, but if used wisely and distributed along the line of equality, and justice, there will not be large population number suffering from starvation and famine. I can categorically inform you that if Minster allocated 35% of the budget, it can make major difference to the population who dying.

Mr President you visit should provide you with initial indication of the level of famine. Precisely, $126.882 Million is can provide relief and emergency support to 70 thousand families and mostly famine affected populations. This will provide $1800 per family, which is enough to provide shelter and good and water. We know 35% plus of the Somaliland budget goes to Ministerial salaries, feeding people who are well off, and that left the majority of the population as buggers of these well off minsters and directors. Mr Siilaanyo is that what you call a justice and equality and wealth distribution? Our country need livestock’s, human resources which means population, but few minsters and directors cannot be substitute or equal to the whole population, and economic resources altogether. Its matters of optimising resources, making informed choices and what is beneficial to the overall population at large matter not for the benefit of few individuals. Mr President Cost Benefit analysis should guide you and eventually will make sense to you not the bad advisors views.

Mr President, if the livestock and people vanishes from this famine, there will not be a cabinet office, there will not be minsters and directors, because the country will definitely become bankrupted one. Mr Siilaanyo, you are trained economist, with lengthy period of ministerial positions, you don’t need ill-informed political and economic advisors whose advice will only hinder you. Countries in this circumstances pursued Marshallian economic plans, and in this context, Somaliland need Mr Siilaanyo “Caanaqabe” Economic Plan to confront with the forthcoming famine disaster. Mr Siilaanyo postponing Minsters and Directors salaries for short period to save the country is preferred to all Somali landers, after all its an emergency, and it requires an emergency measures.

I believe, everyone will participate, and actually agree to this policy because its 40% of the population are at risk of dying. Our economic resources are also at risk of vanishing completely, and I don’t see any economic substitute to the livestock we currently have. So the who country economic activities evolves around the wellbeing of the livestock, and take this off from the economic activity, and the whole population will face starvation and this is a fact. President, I know you have planned to vacate the office, but you will still need to leave strong legacy behind you, after all, in your last speech, you stated clearly that personal financial gain was not of your goal in office, and I concur with you in this regard, but actions are always louder than words Mr Siilaanyo.

Finally in the economic wealth distribution policies, there will be a whole rafter of programmes and regeneration implantable project available for the president that will make a major differences to the country economic development, but word of caution Mr President bankrupted advisors have no place in my next plan should you wish to receive government fundable project that will help the young generation secure jobs in the incentivised government projects and programmes.

Mr President without justice, nothing will flourish in this land, and current wealth distribution system is heading into dangerous and uncharted water, population are becoming minsters beggars. Mr President Pay attention to this ayah (102) from Surat Hud: “And thus is the seizure of your Lord when He seizes the cities while they are committing wrong. Indeed, His seizure is painful and severe”. Sadaqa Allhu Alcadiim. Finally, this article should not be used as tool to criticise the president, because the aim of the letter to help the Government mobilise resources in absent of strong opposition parties, and the whole country knows that opposition need to sharpen its policies and make the Government accountable instead of holding Meeting in foreign land.

Opposition can have impact if they press the Government to deliver for the people not just talking nonsense, so we expect substance from the oppositions if they want to be credible oppositions.

Written: Jama Ali Tooxyare (Jama Arani)

Chartered Accountant And Finance Project Coordinator


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