Somaliland:Horndiplomat Exclusive interview with Dr. Anjanette DeCarlo

Horndiplomat- Exclusive interview with Dr. Anjanette DeCarlo, Ph.D., is currently a Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies at St. Michael’s College. Previously she was a Senior Jeffords Fellow at the Institute for Environmental Diplomacy & Security at the University of Vermont (UVM). Her Ph.D. in natural resources from UVM focused on environment, women’s empowerment, and conflict resolution as a merged agenda for sustainable development.

Somaliland's frankincense industry is threatened by high demand.

Somaliland’s frankincense industry is threatened by high demand.

She is currently working on reconciliation in post-war countries as well as the power of trade and commerce to create peace in conflictzones.
As a development consultant with 20 years field experience, she specializes in Africa, Latin America, and the United States.
Dr Decarlo leading for A group of Researchers about the Frankincense in Somaliland Horndiplomat Correspondent in Somaliland Mohamed Duale take  interview with DrAnjanette DeCarlo in early last month.

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