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The expectations that people of Somaliland are growing since this government and his ruling party won the election in 2010. A lot of things have been achieved but the opposition doesn’t like what they see on their eyes, and always try to make false allocations. The waddani opposition party has no qualms about what kind of perceptions people make of his administration.Muse behi abdi

Waddani party has no legitimacy to govern. Since he becomes political party his politicians become wild dogs! His team directly or indirectly has involved to stirs up tribal and clan conflict. What is more and surprisingly he named not one, two or three but more than dozen Politian’s with their own budget for reigniting tribal hatred and conflict between somalilanders. Somaliland needs change and the nation will kick out the waddani party and his candidate IRRO on the Election Day. Chairman of the ruling party and his candidate muse bihi abdi is the only Politician knows the way of governing today in Somaliland. kulmiye party and his leader gains a lot of support and the nation backing him up as the next president, therefore the international countries must step up against waddani party and not allowed them to bring problems among somalilanders.

Muse bihi would be best for our country today because he understands the new world as it is today and can respond better to the social and economic issues facing our younger generations, he has more brain cells and can withstand the day to day stress of the responsibility, in the meantime, he is inclined to be more conversant and in touch with the new occurrence in the international arena and would understand the world politics as it is today, as a potential future President of Somaliland Republic he will chart out economic and political policies aimed to perpetuate and strength our young democracy, establish sustainable peace and human development, institutionalize achievable policy that seeks to eliminate the root causes of all forms of conflict, offers social justice, and builds respectful relationships. IRRO party must know that Somaliland nation don’t want him and his party who suck up the country and his recourses.

Record speaks for KULMIYE: KULMIYE party shows that they will never harm nor jeopardize the peace and stability and security of the country.

Record speaks for KULMIYE: throughout its existence the WADDANI party shows that unlike IRRO waddani party they are the party of compromise and when necessary and for the sake of peace and stability relinquish/surrender their rights.

Record speaks for KULMIYE: they shows that they can be entrusted for running a good government for the people and for the save keeping of the country for the future generations.

Record speaks for KULMIYE: KULMIYE declared their commitment and desire to keep democracy and to resuscitate the dying country and its people.

Record speaks for KULMIYE: KULMIYE party stated they will remain in power by the support of the nation.

Let’s be beside each other and making the change in Somaliland by electing and supporting H.E MUSE BIHI.

By Khadar Ibrahim

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