Somaliaphobia: A Disease that spreads through Somalilanders

By: Abdihakim Abdillahi “Tiyari”.

Irrespective of political crisis concerned through Somali society; Somaliland’s independence, there are numerous factors that affects entirely Somali ethnicity, of course, religious crisis, cognitive crisis, are among escalating problems that Somali society share despite their geographical difference and political system. Nevertheless, Somaliland has cut off Somalia, 1991, and they announced as independent administration. Somaliland’s independence led to other Somalia regions to follow or more exactly to disintegrate into “clannish fiefdoms” but with attractive name “regional administrations”, and long folded chain started at that point. Aftermath, the dream that was Somalia unification had weakened and become further distant and ambiguous due to various circumstances, hence After worse years — Somaliland won to stand her foot alone, and this stimulated the whole world. “How unrecognized authority adapts with democracy system?” The other mystery is: How this small country has being hold free democratic elections, whose running administration for decades hasn’t got any foreign aid?!”

Former Prime Minister of Somalia Mohamed Abdilahi (Farmajo)

Former Prime Minister of Somalia Mohamed Abdilahi (Farmajo)

Beyond harsh consecutive sceneries, we deliberately esteemed that Somaliland reached highest peak. But Iam not sure whether Somaliland will get recognition or not..! But rather, in respecting many challenges and political matters—unifications are something crucial, even animals prefer to walk or flight as union. In fact, when we are saying Somaliland separated from Somalia, it doesn’t mean utterly that everything common with other “Somalis” was suspended. I have just seen in my naked eyes many government incumbents, who pleading seriously, saying if you are Somaliland citizen, you don’t have permission to travel to Mogadishu city. If you did, you are criminal; people in Hargeisa, dressing with blue Somalia flag, and greeting someone from Somalia or dreamed, and all of a sudden they say you are arrested Oh…Am I visited to Israel?—I do have no problem with Israel or other UN member country! Moreover, there is a citizen who was detained as “Instigator of sedition”? good label designed to undermine freedom of citizens .Amazingly we will soon hear: “You have had dreamed ‘Farmajo’, so you are under arrest’! All above mentioned ridicule events are the ones remain what may I called “Somalia phobia”.

Disregard political topics, socially Somalis community are the same bloodlines and have grand sort of norms and cultures. In addition, traditionally swapping women’s in dually is common custom, and surely amalgamation of all clans always occur, there is no way to classify and discriminate one people who a originated with same source over the other. You can travel from Hargeisa to Muqisho, without any hindrances. There is free market and Goods exchange between Somalia regions.

Ultimately, people with extreme views and exaggerated defamations may provoke internal xenophobia and hatred in Somaliland public. I recommended Somaliland thinkers to defeat people with short-sighted and an illiterate politician who can’t able to convince their followers with wisdom, and its necessary to learn the difference between social relationship and political issues.

“Somaliland administration is politically different view in regard to Somalia nation, but not rather in social communications”

Abdihakim Abdillahi Aden is Somali social activist and writer lived in Addis Ababa. He is a candidate for MBA.

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