Somaliland: Telesom Company Hands Over 15,000 Bags Of Dates to National Drought Committee

By:Mohamed Duale

Slnnews-The Telecommunication Company Telesom Yesterday’s Hands over 15,000 Bags of Dates To National Drought Committee.image
The ceremony that’s the company Hand over that Grants of Dates at the Port Of Berbera that attended  The Somaliland Minister of Environment Shukri Haji Ismail Bandare Deputy Manager of Berbera port Abdi Abdilahi Hasan Matan, The National drought Committee And Telesom High Rank Officers.

The Deputy Manager of Berbera ports speaks to the media He’s acknowledged the permanent support of the Company’s that to Supporting the community Says
“Today’s Telesom Company Handover 15,000 bags of dates to National Drought Committee , its really is much needed That Dates We Acknowledge And Appreciate the Telesom company and National Drought Committee To their Heroic act that Assistance our People that Affects on Droughts.”

Telesom’s Managers of Government Relations Mr.Ali Mohamed Salah(Cajab) And Public Relations Mr. mohamed Abdi Darbo That Speaks the Droughts Affect Eastern regions of the country , The Company’s officials said that the company’s major centers in the country to the regional and general both have Continued their Assistance and also the Telesom Officers Promised the Company Extends their Supports and Share in every Condition that facing for their Communities across the Country.

On the other hand The Drought Committee member Sheikh Mohamed Aden Speaks the Ceremony Thanked the Telesom to their Regularly Act of The Country’s Drought assistance Sheikh aden Says “I hereby extend special thanks to Telesom for continued support to our activities, We Recieves This Dates that Cooperated National drought committee and Telesom Company .”

Finally the Ceremony Speaking the Somaliland’s Minister environment Ms.Shukri haji Bandare , She’s Acknowledged the Telesom’s play on heroic act to the Drought assistance says
“I Would like to Thank The Telesom Company to their Act of the Drought Assistance and Always they standby To Back Benefits of their People .”
The Somaliland Drought is in disaster situation particularly the eastern regions of the country, the drought has caused shortages of water and pasture, leading to the death of livestock – a lifeline for the pastoralist communities.
The drought has been going on for two years in Somaliland. Pastoralists have been moving in search of water and food for themselves and their animals not only .
The rural populations in western regions and in eastern Sanaag have already lost the major part of their livestock assets and now more and more people from the eastern, regions are joining their ranks as the drought progresses.


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